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StartPlanet3.5 – 5.3 Plan and Consciousness – TPS – English

3.5 – 5.3 Plan and Consciousness – TPS – English

From the Lambdoma of the Genesis of Concepts:

3.5 Plan – The Plan is the projection of divine Thought

5.3 Consciousness – Consciousness is the ratio
between Spirit and Substance

This Polarity of Concepts expresses and realizes the first relationship between:

3.3 LIGHT – Mild is the rhythmic movement of Fireplace

5.5 – MANIFESTATION – The Manifestation is
the emergence of the divine Design


3.3 LIGHT – Mild is the rhythmic movement of Fireplace

“Mild is motion. It’s, actually, the utmost dynamism […] Mild blends steady and discontinuous, thus cycles are born, that are ‘constantly discontinuous’. For these causes it’s argued that Mild is the reason for all actions. The Will fixes the aim; the House welcomes it and lends it the mandatory substances; the Mild reaches it [the purpose]. That’s Movement. Mild realizes evolution […] Mild is the vitality that strikes issues and consciousnesses; it results in the aim, and there’s no different motive for movement.” (Enzio Savoini, Lecture notes of the threerd Septennium. Concept of Mild I-II, unpublished paper, September-November 2001)

5.5 – MANIFESTATION – The Manifestation is the emergence of the divine Design

“Other than Cosmic Substance, Cosmic Ideation couldn’t manifest as particular person consciousness, since it’s only via a car (upâdhi) of matter that consciousness wells up as ‘I’m I’, a bodily foundation being essential to focus a ray of the Common Thoughts at a sure stage of complexity.
Once more, aside from Cosmic Ideation, Cosmic Substance would stay an empty abstraction, and no emergence of consciousness may ensue.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine. Cosmogenesis) 

Allow us to contemplate the connection between LIGHT and MANIFESTATION; the manifestation of sunshine expresses this relationship of the three and the 5, in that the Fireplace of the Thoughts illuminates, via the mirror of the Centre (4), the fulfilment of the method of changing into that Substance goes via. The connection of the 2 well-known points of the Thoughts in Man (summary Thoughts, concrete Thoughts) displays the basic duality of Spirit and Substance, which is, briefly, the inspiration of Consciousness.

As Blavatsky writes:

“The Manifested Universe, subsequently, is pervaded by duality, which is, because it have been, the very essence of its Existence as ‘Manifestation’. However simply as the alternative poles of topic and object, spirit and matter, are however points of the One Unity during which they’re synthesized, so, within the manifested Universe, there’s ‘that’ which hyperlinks Spirit to Matter, topic to object.

This one thing, at current unknown to Western hypothesis, is named by the occultists Fohat. It’s the ‘bridge’ by which the Concepts present within the ‘Divine Thought’ are impressed on Cosmic substance because the legal guidelines of Nature.

Fohat is thus the dynamic vitality of Cosmic Ideation; or, regarded from the opposite aspect, it’s the clever medium, the guiding energy of all manifestation, the Thought Divine transmitted and made manifest via the Dhyân Chohans, the Architects of the seen World. Thus from Spirit, or Cosmic Ideation, comes our consciousness; from Cosmic Substance the a number of automobiles during which that consciousness is individualised and attains to self —or reflective— consciousness ; whereas Fohat, in its numerous manifestations, is the mysterious hyperlink between Thoughts and Matter, the animating precept electrifying each atom into life.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine. Cosmogenesis) 

The Mild (of the Spirit) when it encounters the Manifestation (within the Substance) offers delivery to Consciousness.

Cosmic ideation, which tasks its intention into the substance so as to manifest it, offers delivery to the Plan.

3.5 Plan – The Plan is the projection of divine Thought*

From the Latin planum, plain, impartial noun adjective of planus, aircraft. From the Indo-European root *PLA-/*PAL- which expresses the concept of equal floor, with out roughness. Sanskrit plata: expanse. As well as, the concept of aircraft recollects that of “degree”, inside a bigger construction. The significance of being on a aircraft is indicated by the sky: all planets transfer across the Solar, alongside orbits which can be on the identical aircraft.

In geometry, the aircraft is an infinite set of factors all organized consecutively alongside two — infinite — instructions (or straight strains) that qualify it: equating the 2 instructions with Life and House, the aircraft is expressed by the infinity of factors (House) set on fireplace by Life. To make use of a constant expression, it’s the spatial consciousness of objective. It’s infinite by its very nature, and certified by the consciousness of the central objective or fireplace.

In line with F. Rendich, the reference Indo-European root could be “prat”, during which we are able to determine the next two parts: [pra], going ahead, and [t], from one level to a different, unfold on the floor, develop (Comparative etymological dictionary).

The Plan/aircraft is subsequently a dwelling entity that arises from the projection of Divine Thought:

The ability of orientation comes from gentle, which rises within the east and follows its course. The planet flies on the ecliptic, which is the aircraft, and is oriented: subsequently it’s intent on finishing up its personal undertaking. Because it has a magnetic area, it loves; it will get uncovered to the sunshine, and with these two energies it builds a aircraft/plan, that’s, it stands agency on the ecliptic.

We are able to perceive, on this manner, that the ecliptic is key for the aim, financial system and lifetime of the System. It follows that every star, if it helps and directs an area system and an evolving neighborhood, will need to have an ecliptic, the idea of its cosmic inventive magic. Whether it is lacking, that star is passive or dying, and in any case it isn’t inventive: it doesn’t have a Airplane/Plan. No person is aware of find out how to assemble a geometrical aircraft with exterior means. It’s attainable to acquire an nearly flat floor of restricted dimension, ample for the maneuvers that should be carried out, however not a pure and easy Airplane. As an alternative, it’s attainable to arrange a dwelling internal Airplane/Plan by combining Love and Mild, however nobody does it on objective. Love and Mild, subsequently, are the energies essential to construct the Cosmos and each different entity, directed by the Will that establishes the aim.

[…] Love (magnetism) and Mild live energies, unfold all through all areas of House. It may be inferred {that a} area of interplay is born, that’s, a aircraft/plan or a multiplicity of planes.

[…] It’s subsequently justified and proper to affirm that Love and Mild, interacting, produce a psychic and geometric aircraft/plan, on which the need attracts purposeful figures. Plan and Venture are equal phrases. A plan could be meaningless and not using a objective, and any will, to be fulfilled, wants a plan.

[…] Any psychic vitality is animated by a latent objective, from which it attracts its qualities. That is demonstrated by the truth that the cautious examine of any object (ie of a geometrical entity) reveals its objective. A undertaking implies an outlined objective: subsequently a aircraft/plan, animated by two energies, tends in the direction of a coordinated intention and is recognized with a undertaking. For the reason that aircraft is a two-way factor, the aim is at all times twofold, and its two manifestations are reached, on the non-existent limits of the aircraft, following one or the opposite of the instructions of journey. This illustrates the 2 prospects, regressive and evolutionary.

[…] The Plan/Airplane is subsequently a psycho-geometric ‘object’ produced by two energies (Love and Mild) which, oriented by a 3rd (Will), is the bearer of a Venture. 

[…] The Plan is carried out whereas it’s arrange, with out processes or developments: it is unnecessary, within the Infinite, to consider operations organized in sequential order. A Airplane/Plan, theater or stage of a changing into, is a limitless creature. The key of this situation lies within the motion of the cycles, which, supported by their inventive rhythmic discontinuities, are the matrices of steady developments. Briefly, the cycle is that supermundane system that transforms being into changing into based on the rule, and returns the outcome (the enlargement of consciousness) to the unique being.” (Enzio Savoini, Lecture notes of the threerd Septennium. Organising a Plan, unpublished paper, January 2001)

The Plan/Airplane is subsequently what underlies the coherence of the Concepts; it implies the identification of the dates that carry particular energetic currents of pressure because the culminating factors of the cycles, that’s, the inventive discontinuities that enable the Concepts to descend into consciousness:

Concepts, of their world, are lively, in any other case they’d not produce results. A Trigger can by no means be inert. The place order and concord are the Rule, there can’t be inertia or lethargy. Concepts are subsequently in a continuing inventive exercise, and for his or her excellent collaboration they act based on a Plan. The world of Concepts is the homeland of all of the Plans, of the final Programme which prepares itself so as to multiply into infinite completely different manifest points.” (Enzio Savoini, Man on the planet and within the Heavens from: Italian revealed model)

The understanding of the Plan (on the a part of the sunshine of the Disciple’s intelligence) illumines the consciousness of the World of Concepts, the Fiery World.

“[…] The work each aspirant, subsequently, seeks to do is to carry the mind consciousness in keeping with that thought which reaches him through his personal soul-consciousness, and within the consummation of this, the divine plan is steadily labored out into manifestation on the bodily aircraft. As every son of God brings the lively thoughts stuff for which he’s accountable into such a situation that it turns into attentive to divine thought, then will the plan of the ages be carried to a conclusion. No man want despair due to his seeming incompetence or obvious littleness for to every of us is entrusted some a part of the plan and we should work it out; with out our cooperation there comes delay and confusion.” (Alice A. Bailey, The Mild of the Soul, p. 410)

“Look from out thy window, Weaver, and see the sample within the skies, the mannequin of the plan, the color and the fantastic thing about the entire. Destroy the carpet which you will have for ages wrought. It doesn’t meet your want… Then weave once more, Weaver. Weave within the gentle of day. Weave, as you see the plan.” (Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Psychology II, p. 168)

By the correct understanding of the Plan, the Disciple/One-Humanity works to develop its consciousness, sowing oneself so as to sow the seeds of the brand new tradition.

Spectrum with the esoteric sequence of the Seven Rays

5.3 Consciousness – Consciousness is the ratio between Spirit and Substance

From the Latin conscientia, data, conscience, derived from the verb conscire, to have consciousness, to remember, composed of the preposition cum, with, and scire, to know. The Indo-European root shouldn’t be but outlined: for many students it’s the Indo-European *SKA-/*SKI- which expresses the concept of ​​slicing, dividing, since to know it’s essential to tell apart and separate; for F. Rendich it’s the root “cha, which expresses the concept of ​​dividing, akin to the basis “ci”, to hunt, witnessed by the Sanskrit ci-Ke-ti, to watch. It is usually associated to the basis “sās”, which suggests each “to chop” and “to chop out”, “to order actuality after which present it and describe it piece by piece” (Comparative etymological dictionary). Greek schisma, minimize. The time period “consciousness” actually means “realizing collectively”, the place the preposition expresses commonality and the noun means division: for the dialectic of part components, it’s a extremely significant time period. It denotes the basic ratio (understood as a “relationship”) between Spirit and Matter.

“The weather are spatial substance, which might neither be weighed nor measured, and semi-amorphous crystals once they take the type of so-called elemental manifestations. The essence of the unmanifested spirit saturates the substance of house. It’s stated of an individual that he’s born and he dies. About an elemental spirit one can say that it flashes forth and goes out. The consciousness of a manifested spirit pierces the substance of the weather like an arrow, and like a magnet it gathers that molten substance. The delivery of an elemental spirit is conditioned by the contact of the manifested consciousness. Really, cooperation is aware of no bounds!” (Leaves of Morya’s Backyard II § 232)

Consciousness can’t be manifested with out the great RELATIONSHIP between Spirit and Substance, between Monad and Matter.

Man strives to enhance himself, to grasp this relationship, for the reason that human being in essence is Monad (Spirit). Within the development path in the direction of the Spirit he reaches the purpose the place he understands that he’s an evolving Consciousness, that at a sure evolutionary degree will manifest the Causal Consciousness (car of manifestation for the connection with the Photo voltaic Angel/Soul), changing into a real sower of sunshine, of affection and will-to-good! Sowing the brand new Tradition is working to develop consciousnesses.

“The life on the coronary heart of the photo voltaic system is producing an evolutionary unfoldment of the energies of that universe which it isn’t attainable for finite man as but to imaginative and prescient. Equally the centre of vitality which we name the non secular side in man is (via the utilisation of matter or substance) producing an evolutionary improvement of that which we name the soul, and which is the best of the type manifestations—the human kingdom. Man is the best product of existence within the three worlds. By man, I imply the non secular man, a son of God in incarnation.” (Alice Bailey, A Treatise on White Magic, p. 13)

If we take this as a speculation, the building of the causal physique turns into the principle basic worth of our life: in actuality we’re causal consciousness, that consciousness that attracts, immersed inside our existence, inside embodied life, as its magnetic area. This consciousness, which attracts all different conditions, which attracts work, individuals, alternatives and every part that builds our world, is the inner magnetic consciousness, the sunshine contained in the cell.

We are able to actually apply the regulation of analogy and correspondence: all of life started by inserting some extent of sunshine inside a cell of matter, and this occurs in each a part of our physique; every cell in our physique has some extent of sunshine inside itself, and the person is a barely bigger cell that has some extent of sunshine in him as causal consciousness, expanded by the Photo voltaic Angel.

5.3. Consciousness and Plan

The infinite knowledge of Venus, luminary of the 5th Ray, and of Saturn, luminary of the threerd Ray, joyful bearers of unending teachings, transmitters of Divine consciousness and understanding, give us, little bipeds, that FORCE that leads us to take motion and manifest the LIGHT, in order that the understanding of the Plan enlightens our Consciousness. This makes us Sowers as a result of we realise…

“The id between the Seed and the Sower”.

Solely then will the help to humanity and the understanding of the Divine Plan be goal and the Provoke, the true title of man, will act as Causal Consciousness.

By following the Cycles, that’s the movement of the dwelling entities of the Consciousness (the Luminaries), we determine and enliven the proper second and the proper dose of vitality to sow our consciousness; the Mild illuminates us on all planes and in any respect ranges and thus, having sown, we get to…

“Plan the cycles and rhythms of the advance”.

The causal Consciousness, related to the upper Consciousnesses, is aware of find out how to plan this progress and is aware of find out how to construct the Future:

“You will have heard in regards to the three sorts of pondering—by the mind, the center, and the consciousness. The mind is affordable, the center is delicate, and the consciousness is smart. Your consciousness calls out to the Information, ‘Assist!’ and My consciousness says the identical factor, and My Information’s consciousness will converse so additionally. There isn’t any burdening on this name. The arm is stretched upwards, realizing that the Hand of Assist might be prolonged throughout this harmful ascent. And it isn’t for us to evaluate the place the hazard lies.” (Supermundane § 489)

Consciousness is the results of Information, arising from Relationships and Ratios, mounted into the thoughts via the Mild of Intelligence, inherent within the Substance-Matter itself.

Consciousness is intently related to a Plan/Venture and behind every Venture there’s at all times a concentrated Thought, purposeful to the Purpose and to a State of Necessity.


“Sow a thought and also you reap an motion:

Sow an act and also you reap a behavior;

Sow a behavior and also you reap a personality;

Sow a personality and also you reap a future”

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

* The article is translated from Italian, and the Italian phrase “Piano” is similar each for a Plan/Venture and a Airplane/geometrical entity.


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