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StartPlanet4.7 – 7.4 Construction and Concord – TPS – English

4.7 – 7.4 Construction and Concord – TPS – English

From the Lambdoma of the Genesis of Concepts:

4.7 STRUCTURE – Construction is harmonic association

7.4 HARMONYConcord is the proper Glory

This polarity of concepts expresses and realises the first relationship between:

4.4 MODEL The Mannequin is the reflection of Life


7.7 ORDER – Order is Freedom

Life, infinite and pulsating, pervades each atom of the Manifestation and shines like hearth within the picture of the Gentle which, spreading by way of House, establishes and designs its Construction, the harmonic association that helps each kind and finds its excellent fulfilment in Concord, the triumphant Glory of creation, the supreme Magnificence which has its origin and nourishment within the Gentle itself.

On this manner the golden Work (1) between He who Tunes (4.7) and He who Harmonises (7.4) is achieved.

“The co-participants of Cosmic construction could also be known as true Regents. Every epoch has its Regents. The Lord, the Man-God, and the Regent of the Forces of Gentle represent the good Energy. The Hierarchic precept seems as the premise of all constructions, and for a deepening of understanding of Cosmic construction one ought to develop into affirmed by the popularity of the manifested legislation of Hierarchy. The Forces of Hierarchy are joined throughout two Worlds—the Guiding Precept, and the precept of fulfilling the Nice Will are one Supply. Worlds are constructed upon the 2 Rules. The Supermundane World is manifested by the use of the earthly one. The earthly world aspires into the Fiery World. Everlasting life is affirmed on this fiery unity, and the ability of life is intensified in fiery construction. For a delicate understanding of the Hierarchic Precept one ought to delve into the construction of Existence. The Larger Will dictated its Testaments. Manifestation of the Fiery World have been assumed by Fiery Spirits; on this method an trade unifying the Worlds was going down… This fiery cooperation is the Cosmic construction. On the trail to the Fiery World allow us to manifest understanding of Cosmic construction.” (2)

“In boundless concord is contained the entire cosmic creativeness. Solely concord can divulge to the planet the upper spheres. Solely concord can set up the chain of aspirations to the far-off worlds… Due to this fact Our harmonies are so highly effective. The hearth of the facilities is concord; the fireplace of the spirit is concord; the fireplace of the center is concord.” (3)

The elegant polarity between 4 and seven can also be manifested within the energy by way of which the Mannequin pervades all types and divulges their internal Order; within the drive with which Concord suffuses the Construction in its geometric work of creation of what’s manifested; within the concordance between Heaven and Earth which reveal the identical artistic textures.

“The union between the 4 and Seven marks the completion of a piece of magnificence, shining with the common correctness of its type of infinite content material”. (4)

The cosmos is the picture of this majestic order that manifests itself as supreme concord; its highly effective actions, rhythmic and cyclical, are the direct consequence of the artistic dynamism that animates it; his incessant Breath governs and sustains each creature; its Planes, manifest and unmanifest, are an expression of the infinite Hierarchies that innervate House and are linked like rings in a series of consciousnesses, ever extra luminous and vibrant of their communion.

“The overall association is an ordered construction of more and more broad and free orders, that’s, a Hierarchy, which doesn’t harbour separations. Unity is the supreme impact of order, which cancels distinctions and dissipates chaos”. (5)

“Order […] is endowed with a rigorous construction which is on the identical time the mannequin and common help of all types”. (6)

“The morning stars sang of their programs. The nice paean of creation echoeth but, and arouseth the vibration. There comes cessation of the music when perfection is achieved. When all are blended into one full chord, the work is completed. Dissonance in area soundeth but.  Discord ariseth in lots of techniques.  When all is resolved into concord, when all is mixed into symphony, the grand chorale will reverberate to the uttermost bounds of the identified universe. Then will happen that which is past the comprehension of the very best Chohan—the wedding music of the Heavenly Man.” (7)

Thus the Mannequin and the Order rule; thus they weave the Manifestation bringing collectively the Most Excessive and the Abyssal; thus the Mannequin is mirrored into kind and imparts the intrinsic Order of the One to each being; thus Mastery and Freedom are kindled within the fiery coronary heart of the Disciple.

Construction and Concord are the results of all this, the previous tracing the supporting, structural traces of the manifested world, the latter filling it with joyful brightness. Following the indication urged by the etymological roots, we are able to see within the work of those two energies the orderly unfolding of the celebrities, a firmament, which by way of its incessant motions turns in the direction of Union; we are able to see the picture of that inherent impulse in all Life, that pushes creation in the direction of the realisation of an ever extra excellent Communion; we are able to ultimately understand the gradual and inexorable progress in the direction of Magnificence, which is the seal of Order and the garment of the Mannequin.

When the music of Life resounds
Concord blossoms in a resonant Construction of sunshine.



This text is printed on the event of the conjunction of Uranus and Mercury, 7th and 4th Ray, in Taurus.

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