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StartPlanet6.3 – 3.6 Son and Relation – TPS – English

6.3 – 3.6 Son and Relation – TPS – English

From the Lambdoma of the Genesis of Concepts:

6.3 SON – The Son is the supreme Cause

3.6 RELATION – Relation is the fiery synthesis of polarities

This Polarity of Concepts expresses and realizes the first relationship between:

6.6 SYNTHESIS – Synthesis is the triumph of the One

3.3 LIGHT – Mild is the rhythmic movement of Hearth

These Concepts or inventive Powers, the supply of all precipitations or Kinds, are set and put in relation on the causal airplane, that’s to say the airplane of the upper psychological, the place the best Formulation join Concepts and Thought Kinds. By asserting these Formulation, at this level of stress, we nourish their fireplace, unfold their gentle, and reveal the sacred Communion between every centre, every polarity and the fitting Relationship which leads again to Unity.

We’ll due to this fact “synthetically” go to this quaternary of Concepts flowing from the sacred and treasured Vessel of the Genesis of Concepts:

6.6 Synthesis is the triumph of the One

(…) synthesis is a side of the primary divine attribute, the Will, or somewhat, the Will-to-Good. This power or affect, which the Christ Himself will wield (and for which He has been lengthy making ready Himself), produces cohesion, a drawing collectively and an inclination to fusion and union. (Alice Bailey – The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p.648)

The Life which has “multiplied” itself by way of an infinity of kinds, on the finish of the evolutionary course of, returns to this important Unity, by way of the fiery Synthesis of the totally different polarities. This Synthesis is the luminous path of the Coronary heart:

To see with the eyes of the center; to listen to the roar of the world with the ears of the center; to see into the long run with the understanding of the center; to recollect previous accumulations by way of the center—that’s how the aspirant should boldly advance on the trail of ascent. Creativity embraces the fiery potential and involves be saturated with the sacred fireplace of the center. Subsequently, on the trail of the Hierarchy, on the trail of the Nice Service, on the trail of Communion, synthesis is the one luminous path of the center. How can seekers radiate the rays manifested if there isn’t a flame affirmed of their hearts?

It’s exactly the standard of a magnet [1] that lies latent within the coronary heart. The loftiest creativity is pervaded with this nice regulation. Thus, each consummation, each unification, each cosmic union is achieved by way of the flame of the center. In what means can a basis be laid for excellent steps? Actually, solely by means of the center. The arcs of consciousness merge within the flame of the center.

So allow us to be mindful the wondrous attraction of the magnet of the center, which hyperlinks all manifestations. Certainly, the silver thread that connects the Trainer with the disciple is the nice magnet of the center. The unification of the Trainer and disciple affirms the essence of all elements of evolution.” (Agni Yoga Collection – Coronary heart § 1)

6.3 The Son is the supreme Cause

This Luminous Path of the Coronary heart is in actuality the supreme Cause, the Son, the start and the tip, the Synthesis and the Relation, as we will uncover by way of the Gospel of John and within the Secret Doctrine:

In a commentary to the Gospel of John it’s written:

“To start with, the Logos”, this ‘Starting’ in Hebrew: ‘archè’ [2] is the entry into the world of duality, of temporality, the ‘Logos’ ‘davar’, is intelligence, phrase, the verb, the inventive info. The Logos in Genesis is due to this fact the inventive Phrase, the biblical “davar” which provides type and consistency to all issues.

To start with, within the origin, due to this fact, there may be this Intelligence, this Inventive Phrase which “informs” all issues; however the Phrase can also be what retains us in the potential for Listening and of a Relation, a harmonious Relationship with all lives.

Thus the Phrase, this Son of the Father and of the Mom is the supreme Cause of all that Is, Was and Will likely be, the Cause for the existence of the manifested world.

Within the Secret Doctrine we learn in regards to the Son:

[…] through the prologue, so to say, of the drama of Creation, or the start of cosmic evolution, the Universe or the ‘Son’ lies nonetheless hid ‘within the Divine Thought’, which had not but penetrated ‘into the Divine Bosom’. This concept, word nicely, is on the root, and kinds the origin of all of the allegories in regards to the ‘Sons of God’ born of immaculate virgins.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine. Cosmogenesis)


The Son is Love, the Supreme Cause is Love, “Love is the start, and love the tip, and in love we serve and work. The lengthy journey ends thus, within the glory of the renunciation of non-public need, and within the dedication to dwelling service.” (Alice Bailey – From Bethlehem to Calvary, p.229)

Our photo voltaic Spirit is a Logos of Love, that common Motive which provides life and function to all type, by way of electrical impulses emitted from the centre or core, by way of the center.

3.6 Relation is the fiery synthesis of polarities

We’ve seen that “to start with” the Inventive Phrase “informs” all issues and opens up the likelihood for humanity of a Relation or a harmonic Relationship with the Dwelling.

“And, for his half, Man was, […] thought of in antiquity as the measure of the Universe: and right here is revealed the energetic facet of his innate advantage; for to measure precisely, he should ‘talk’ with the thing of his measurement. On this means, ‘connection’ turns into synonymous with ‘relation’. That is direct communication; colleges assured to all by the omnipresent existence of the Infinite, the place infinite measures ‘are activated and turned off‘’ – supplied that the invisible limitations which usually separate human consciousness from the totality of house are damaged down.

Whether it is true that man, by his divine nature, is the measure of the Cosmos, the reply to the matter at hand can solely be this: we measure by speaking; and by measuring we talk.” (Enzio Savoini, Harmonics – Tailored translation, with commentary, of Lehrbuch der Harmonik by Hans Kayser, 1980, unpublished paper)

Solely an important interchange can produce a inventive wave. Solely the grandeur of Cosmos affirms the manifestation of an important interchange. A cosmic seed is inlaid in the whole lot, and the Cosmic Hearth is expressed in all. How then can humanity affirm its existence with out the precept manifested by the very important interchange? The regulation of existence attracts the spirit into the orbit of the cosmic seed, and when the spirit strives towards communion with the upper spheres, then the cooperation could be affirmed. Solely when the interchange is imbued with a acutely aware striving can cosmic cooperation be affirmed. Subsequently, every larger power that’s assimilated by the spirit can convey acutely aware striving to humanity. Thus, the manifestation of interchange gives a limitless cooperation.” (Agni Yoga Collection, Infinity II § 415)

Thus, the future of humanity is to develop into this dwelling Bridge, this fiery Synthesis, bestowing and radiating “saving drive” to regularly embody all types of life inside the discipline of its magnetic energy, linking them to the Hierarchy and to Shamballa (that’s, connecting the soul of every kingdom).

This Relation is discovered in any respect phases of the nice Chain of Existence:

The theme of the dwelling consciousness of the planetary Logos is endlessly and unchangeably the nice Hierarchy of Being, that chain of life during which the smallest hyperlink is of significance, and the best hyperlink is said to the smallest by way of {the electrical} interaction of non secular power. There may be naught—from one vital angle of life—however Hierarchy, linking solar with solar, star with star, photo voltaic system with photo voltaic system, planet with planet and all planetary lives with one another. The foremost keynote of each single planetary initiation, even to the very highest, is RELATIONSHIP. What different qualities could also be revealed to the Provoke on different paths we all know not, however the objective of all endeavour upon our planet is proper relations between man and man and between man and God, between all expressions of divine life, from the tiniest atom up and on into infinity. From the standpoint of our planetary evolution, there may be naught however love, naught however goodwill and the will-to-good. This exists already, and its true manifestation is nearer in the present day than at any time in planetary historical past.” (Alice Bailey – Rays and the Initiations, p.738)

3.3 Mild is the rhythmic movement of Hearth

All unmanifest [and manifested] house is the ship of Hearth. (…) [3], and (…) The Cosmic Hearth is in everlasting movement, directed by Absolute Cause and the Excellent Coronary heart, (…) [4]; it’s Hearth that affirms evolution [5]. The fiery focus, all-illuminating, all-containing, provides life to every inventive inception [6]. The manifestation of fireplace brings gentle into matter. Correctly talking, the place there may be fireplace, there may be clear proof of progressive perfectment [7]. Hearth can crystallize, however its regular state could be characterised as gentle [8].

However, “rhythmic movement is the agent that connects the start to the tip: it’s the free, clever and inventive use of House and Hearth. But freedom of movement has a regulation, which no course of escapes, beneath penalty of halt: it’s the regulation of the Spiral, which all the time renews all phases and locations the tip above the start, with out ever separating them. That is the signal of divine Intelligence, the third Hearth. I’m Mild, which is the rhythmic movement of Hearth. Thus I illuminate the ascending means” . (Enzio Savoini, Guide of Rituals)

“Mild is motion. It’s, in reality, the utmost dynamism […] Mild blends steady and discontinuous, thus cycles are born, that are ‘repeatedly discontinuous’. For these causes it’s argued that Mild is the reason for all actions. The Will fixes the aim; the House welcomes it and lends it the mandatory substances; the Mild reaches it [the purpose]. That’s Movement. Mild realizes evolution […] Mild is the power that strikes issues and consciousnesses; it results in the objective, and there’s no different purpose for movement.” (Enzio Savoini, Lecture notes of the threerd Septennium. Idea of Mild I-II, unpublished paper, September-November 2001)

So by way of the rhythmic motion of Mild, which underlies all planetary function, with a united breath and a unified rhythm, we progress from gentle to gentle, transmuting the fires of matter and elevating the hearth of consciousness into the ardent Synthesis of the hearts.

We information again to the tradition of Heaven


[1] “[…] magnetic motion is extra intently allied to first ray functioning than it’s to the second ray and is a side or high quality of the Regulation of Synthesis. It was this magnetic energy of the primary ray to which the Christ referred when He stated “I, if I be lifted up, will draw all males unto me”. (A. Bailey – Rays and the Initiations, p. 376)

[2] “Archè”: archetype, archaeology, archangel (…), what’s on the head, to start with, on the origin.

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