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StartSpaceAlien meets The Exorcist in sci-fi horror collection Sacrament'

Alien meets The Exorcist in sci-fi horror collection Sacrament‘

Fusing parts of „The Exorcist“ and“ „Alien,“ „Sacrament“ is an unsettling new sci-fi horror comedian collection from AWA Studios that can launch readers into the far-future universe of 2999, the place remnants of God’s good work nonetheless survive on some alien planets and spiritual religion is medically eliminated by a totalitarian regime through psychosurgery,

On this religious void, a conflicted Catholic priest named Father Vass is summoned to analyze a collection of violent murders and nightmares on the planet Cal IV that each one have a selected non secular ingredient to them. Are these horrific crimes the work of a nefarious alien intelligence or demonic possession?


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