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Analysis sheds extra gentle on the properties of younger planetary nebula IC 4997

Research sheds more light on the properties of young planetary nebula IC 4997
Planetary nebula IC 4997. Credit score: Howard Bond (STScI) and NASA/ESA.

Utilizing the 5-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST), astronomers have noticed a younger planetary nebula generally known as IC 4997. Outcomes of the observational marketing campaign, offered in a paper printed Might 12 on, ship essential insights into the properties of this object.

Planetary nebulae (PNe) are increasing shells of fuel and mud which have been ejected from a star through the means of its evolution from a fundamental sequence star right into a crimson large or white dwarf. They’re comparatively uncommon, however are essential for astronomers learning the chemical evolution of stars and galaxies.

Situated some 8,000 gentle years away from the Earth, IC 4997 is a younger, compact, and quickly evolving PN within the constellation Sagitta. Its temperature is about 20,000 Ok and it has a comparatively excessive floor brightness. It comprises a distinguished central star with a temperature of round 49,000 Ok.

A crew of astronomers led by Xu-Jia Ouyang of Solar Yat-sen College in Zhuhai, China, has lately carried out radio observations of IC 4997 utilizing the monitoring mode of the FAST 19-beam receiver. The telescope allowed them to detect impartial absorption on this PN, which can have implications for our understanding of its nature.

„Circumstellar H I absorption is clearly detected within the radio spectrum of IC 4997, the primary such detection from FAST. This characteristic originates from a shell related to one of many velocity parts of the Na I D strains,“ the researchers wrote within the paper.

The invention is essential on condition that the variety of PNe with circumstellar impartial atomic hydrogen detections is extraordinarily small, in comparison with the overall variety of verified Galactic PNe (about 3,800). Discovering and investigating such options might enhance our data on the mass and dynamics of the atomic fuel finances in PNe.

The high-resolution and high-sensitivity FAST spectrum allowed the researchers to exactly estimate the parameters of the circumstellar H I absorption. The native normal of relaxation (LSR) velocity of the height absorption was measured to be −63.27 km/s, and the complete width at half most (FWHM) was discovered to be 12.74 km/s. In relation to the utmost absorption flux density, it was calculated to be −8.07 mJy, whereas the built-in flux density turned out to be at a stage of −136.7 mJy km/s.

The research discovered that the overall variety of hydrogen atoms within the atomic shell of IC 4997 is about 17 septendecillion. This hydrogen atomic shell has a mass of some 0.0146 photo voltaic plenty and the outcomes recommend that it was ejected a minimum of 990 years in the past through the superwind part. The column density of the impartial atomic hydrogen was estimated to be roughly 710 quintillion cm−2.

The astronomers famous that the impartial hydrogen in IC 4997 is akin to the ionized nebula in mass, and will have elevated over the previous 36 years. Nevertheless, the overall nebular mass continues to be far lower than that anticipated for the superwind. They added that their detection demonstrates the feasibility of utilizing FAST to seek for atomic hydrogen in a big pattern of PNe and to disclose new insights into the so-called PN lacking mass drawback.

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Extra info:
Xu-Jia Ouyang et al, FAST seek for circumstellar atomic hydrogen–I: the younger planetary nebula IC 4997. arXiv:2205.06170v1 [astro-ph.SR],

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