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Concepts, Sounds and Lights of Gemini – TPS – English

06_Gemini – Adriano N.

To have a good time the entry into the Signal of Gemini (Might, twenty first h. 1.25am UT), here’s a video that makes an attempt to translate the essential concepts of the 12 “zodiacal archetypes of the evolution of consciousness” into sounds and lights.

The poetic textual content of Gemini is taken from “Il Poema celeste” (The Celestial Poem – ongoing translation from Italian – subtitles in English within the movies), written in 2000 and rewritten in 2020 (in resonance with the successive conjunctions of the 2 Builders of the photo voltaic Plan, Jupiter and Saturn), which celebrates in verse the Concepts transmitted by the 12 Zodiac Indicators (see additionally the introductory video on the Genesis of the Zodiac: The Celestial Poem).

The basic theorem from which this artistic work originates is:

Thought = Sound + Gentle

All Concepts, these causal and inflicting powers which produce all kinds, are composed of Sound and Gentle, Sound being “the primary artistic Agent” of Area and Gentle “the rhythmic movement of Fireplace” revealing the work of the Sound-Creator.

And since “Rhythm is that magic that transforms steps right into a dance and prose into poetry”, the try and sing and illustrate the perfect Essences of Heaven is son of the will to study Its Artwork of residing and to specific it on earth.

The video-poem of Gemini is devoted to

Love who strikes the solar and the opposite stars

(subtitles in English clicking on CC)

GEMINI: The Movement


Who performs magnetic reverse poles

Portray the rapport of its coloration

That speaks reveals Love within the heart?


Wheels onto wheels crossing of their hubs

Within the power discipline that the ether burns

Life slips away into webs of sunshine.


Wgap legions who flocking to conferences

Sing the shape in invisible veils

Form golden the proportion and choir.


If all of the elements round a Heart

Carry out their duties built-in

From the better Circle pleasure they unfold.


Trains of waves and flows then radiate

From order out of swaying motions

Earlier than turning into a single Objective.


O cloak of suns dancing within the One

A spiral star of flowers Pollux

Who guides the perfumes, perception of gods?


From the bow poles Gemini stretches

The Archer of affection fiery arrows

Zodiac ties solar and galaxy!


At the peak, Man the one kumara

Aspires to hitch and columns unite

In Temples of chant with kind no extra.


Majestic Son of Sirius’ coronary heart

From Father in Father swings the Two

Ignites the Gown to consciousness give.


O thoughts and coronary heart carpets of heaven

That be part of the lovers, people and gods,

Who invented your two ideas?


Rumbles the thunder lightning the One

Relation of Two who create Three,

The Three and the 4 rise within the 5.


It’s thoughts Venus and 4 Mercury

Lovers of the Three, Earth and Saturn

Who thinks Vulcan to Jupiter’s coronary heart.


At present we have a good time additionally the cosmic alignment Earth-Solar-Alcyone(Pleiades) related to the third Ray and Side of Life: LIGHT – see the Seven Rays video.

See different artistic movies on the YouTube channel Perle di Vita.

With a view to help this artistic work donate on Patreon Perle di Vita-Pearls of Life.

For the on-line ritual celebration of the entry into the Signal of Taurus in group formation (in 5 languages) see the recording of this occasion on Might 20, 2022.


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