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Full Moon of Taurus – The Thriller of Mild – TPS – English

As we speak we have a good time the fifth of the 12 Festivals of the brand new world Faith, the Full Moon of Taurus, the pageant geared toward asserting the Will to launch Mild and Magnificence.

Taurus holds the key of Mild, that reveals the Sound and illuminates the provoke. It leads from phantasm to religious Actuality; the attention of the cosmic Bull is the attention of revelation and from it mild pours radiantly forth upon the sons of males, whose particular person imaginative and prescient should open up, in response to this cosmic mild. Its motto reads: “I see and when the Eye is opened, all is mild”.
Mild, Illumination and Sound, as an expression of the inventive drive, are the three elementary concepts linked to this constellation.

The “interpreter of the divine voice”, as Taurus was referred to as in historic Egypt, may be paraphrased into Christian terminology and referred to as “the Phrase made flesh”. Taurus is related to the Buddha – “Illumination by wrestle” and the Christ – “Mild of the world”.

Taurus, the divine Bull, can be the primary incentive of life, which fosters evolution by the highly effective drive of Need, which is remodeled first into Aspiration after which into Will.
The whole secret of divine goal and planning is hidden on this signal, owing basically to the relation of the Pleiades to the constellation, the Nice Bear, and to our photo voltaic system. (…) The underlying purpose of the evolutionary course of—”the onward rush of the Bull of God,” as it’s esoterically referred to as—reveals steadily and with out cessation the stupendous and stylish plan of Deity. This is the topic which mild reveals.” (Esoteric Astrology, p. 376)

Taurus, along with the alternative signal, Scorpio, conveys within the zodiacal discipline the pure fourth Ray, which right here is expressed as Magnificence, whereas in Scorpio it reveals itself as Concord.

The Will, the Agent of Life, is highly effective in Taurus, an indication which is dominated, for disciples and initiates, by Vulcan (1st Ray, “coronary heart of the Solar); Vulcan “manages and is the photo voltaic Will which, on the human degree, is basically manifested as persistence.

Vulcan, the blacksmith who forges metals, works within the densest and most concrete expression (for humanity) of the pure world. He delves into the depths to search for the fabric on which to train his innate artwork and provides form to the attractive and the helpful. He subsequently stands for the soul, that’s, the person, inside and religious Man.


As we speak, on the day of the complete moon, which coincides with the nice pageant of Wesak, immersed within the vitality of the signal and united with all those that in each time and in each place work to revive the divine Plan on Earth, allow us to impress in House

the Will to launch Mild and Magnificence

A lot has been stated, even in these pages, about Magnificence, “the splendour of reality”, which within the Lambdoma of Concepts has been outlined as “the signal of Being”.

“He who sought perfection might have discovered by Magnificence the highly effective legal guidelines of Being.” (Agni Yoga Fiery World III § 23)

“Work has already been referred to as prayer. The very best unity and high quality of labor arises from its rhythm. The very best quality of labor brings forth the rhythm of the Lovely. Every labor comprises inside itself the idea of the Lovely. Labor, prayer, magnificence—all are sides of the nice crystal of Existence.” (Agni Yoga — AUM § 322)

“Magnificence is, in any case, as a lot of divinity as may be expressed by anyone type… type and life are one. There may be naught however life in manifestation.” (Alice Bailey — Discipleship within the New Age vol. I, p. 279)

The truth is, each type, whether or not manifest or not, is constructed round a core of Magnificence: the Life that animates it and the Mild that reveals it. Humanity is ready to recognise it and it’s by the expertise of Magnificence that it carries out its operate of middleman between Earth and Heaven, of the fourth inventive Hierarchy, deciding on the buddhic airplane, the place: “The attention is opened and all is Mild”. Then it is ready to carry out the highly effective essence of the Lovely, by the creativity of thought and phrase, working with sound, with color, shaping the uncooked materials and, lastly, reworking its personal existence right into a murals.
That is our future and we should always be taught, because the Grasp of Agni Yoga teaches, to “repeat Magnificence repeatedly, even amidst tears, till you attain the predestined”.
And moreover:

“(..) If you happen to want the gates to be opened to you, use My Signal.
I stated Magnificence, in fight and victory.
I stated Magnificence, and failure was coated by Magnificence.
Mountains blossomed with Magnificence.
And you could give entrance to the flowers of Magnificence.
Let the kids strategy.
Bow earlier than Him Who introduced the Fantastic thing about the nice Universe.

Perceive, there aren’t any possessions—nor selections, nor satisfaction, nor repentance.
There may be one factor alone—Magnificence.
And to you I say:
Guard, expound, and affirm this Magnificence.
Therein lies your approach.

With Magnificence shall I meet those that will come to Me.
And they’re already on their approach.

(Agni Yoga — Leaves of Morya’s backyard I § 333)


And it’s Magnificence that reveals to the thoughts of the guts

The Thriller of Mild


Mild is the rhythmic movement of Fireplace

Simply as all that’s, is Life, all that exists, whether or not manifest or not, is Mild, the daughter of Fireplace, the Life that generates and multiplies itself, and of infinite House, and it’s evoked by Sound: the fiery impulse of Life.

“Mild is motion. It’s, the truth is, the utmost dynamism […] Mild blends steady and discontinuous, thus cycles are born, that are ‘repeatedly discontinuous’. For these causes it’s argued that Mild is the reason for all actions. The Will fixes the aim; the House welcomes it and lends it the required substances; the Mild reaches it [the purpose]. That’s Movement. Mild realizes evolution […] Mild is the vitality that strikes issues and consciousnesses; it results in the purpose, and there’s no different purpose for movement.” 

“Centre and periphery love one another, and for love the centre explodes in myriads of rays, in each path, in the direction of the circumference. For love, this implodes, concurrently, and launches its waves in the direction of the middle. The ONE and the TWO come collectively. That is how Mild is born.”

Mild is divine Intelligence
“It’s transcendent. It has no types of its personal, however designs all of them. Solely that which is formless is ready to present the varied and altering facets of issues.
Mild, the divine Intelligence, is expressed and manifests itself in any respect ranges of the spatial Substance, with completely different legal guidelines. It’s bodily, emotional, psychological, supermundane, but it surely stays not-separate”. […]
“Mild is the common inventive energy”. […] “Divine Intelligence creates issues whereas pondering them”.

Mild is spatial magnetic Love
“The set of waves may be referred to as, with some purpose, ‘darkish Mild’, or ‘Mild with out mild’. It’s not imperceptible, as these expressions lead us to imagine. Consider the darkish background of the night time sky, which makes the celebrities seen, and subsequently is lively, working, and highlights them: it’s the manifestation of the darkish Mild”.
“Whoever is endowed with a minimal of psychological Mild recognises it at twilight, within the morning and within the night, when the facility of vivid Intelligence isn’t but totally expressed or is already mitigating its vigour: love is captured in these moments, as a result of the sunshine waves, exactly then, don’t forged shadows, don’t push, however encompass and embrace issues and creatures”.

Mild is pleasure
As a matter of truth, a attribute of pleasure is radiance. It’s not happiness, which is quiet and intimate, it isn’t but bliss, which is supreme and detached. Pleasure communicates, conveys, illuminates, overwhelms. The rays forged the penetrating pleasure of divine Intelligence into House.
Nature, immersed in these rays and touched by them, is pervaded with pleasure: because of this crops and herbs bloom, minerals crystallise and the ocean and sky smile. The enjoyment of residing sings in puppies, in kids (the cares of existence haven’t but dampened it), and within the hearts of the aged, if they’ve lived nicely”. 

(Enzio Savoini, Lecture notes of the threerd Septennium. Idea of Mild I-II, unpublished paper, September-November 2001)


Mild designs the Universe and hues it




On this 12 months 6.1, the primary of a septennium devoted to the Thought of ​​a New World Faith, we intend to have a good time the dates of the full moons, the sacred “doorways” of alignment and synchronization between the three celestial symbols of manifestation, human (Solar/SoulEarth/PersonaMoon/Our bodies) and planetary (Planetary HierarchyHumanitydecrease Kingdoms), associating them with 12 Mysteries and Concepts/Formulation, similar to the causal energies of every Signal of the Zodiac, by advantage of the truth that, in keeping with the esoteric perspective, the Coronary heart of Heaven is the Nice Grasp of Masters.
The sequence of the Mysteries which every of the indicators of the Zodiac embodies will likely be clarified for us by the Christ, as a result of the general public consciousness as we speak calls for one thing extra particular and spiritually actual than trendy astrology, or all of the pseudo-occultism so broadly extant.” (A. A. Bailey, The Reappearance of the Christ, p. 127).



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