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How Do Keys Open Locks? An Engineer Explains

The sequence of depths of the valleys on a key acts like a code that should match the lock.

Have you ever ever questioned how keys work to open locks? I train a course in pc safety the place we learn the way locks operate – and in addition how they are often damaged or bypassed. We do that as a result of locks train vital rules about safety basically.

In case you look intently at a key, you’ll see its higher edge has a bunch of V-shaped valleys. In case you examine the important thing extra intently, maybe with a ruler, you’ll discover the bottoms of those valleys are equally spaced. The depth of the valleys encodes a sequence that’s accepted by the lock, with every valley contributing one worth to the mix.

Key Valley Spacing

The spacing of the valleys is essential. Credit score: Scott Craver

Contained in the lock is a cylinder – the half that strikes while you stick your key in and switch it. The important thing can flip provided that all its valleys are the appropriate depth on your explicit lock.

However how does your lock detect whether or not your key’s valleys have the appropriate sequence of depths?

Lock Parts Pins Cylinder

A peek on the components inside a lock, together with the pins, shafts, and cylinder. Credit score: Scott Craver

Contained in the lock are vertical shafts, one centered over every valley of the important thing. In every shaft is a pair of steel pins that may freely slide up and down. Relying on the place the pins are, they’ll block the cylinder from turning and stop the lock from opening. This occurs at any time when a pin is partially sticking into or out of the cylinder.

Once you stick a key within the lock, the pins fall into the valleys. If a valley is just too excessive, it causes a pin to stay out and jam the cylinder. If a valley is just too low, the pin sinks too low and the pin above it is going to sink into the cylinder and jam it. Nevertheless, if the appropriate secret is inserted with every valley at simply the appropriate depth, not one of the pins get in the best way.

Pins Aligned to Open Lock

For a cylinder to show and a lock to open, all of the pins have to be aligned. Credit score: Scott Carver

Keys are made by putting a clean key right into a grinding machine that’s programmed to carve out the precise valleys which can be wanted. A locksmith also can change a lock by eradicating its pins and becoming it with new ones to match a selected key.

In pc safety, we are saying that safety depends on “one thing , one thing you might have or one thing you’re.” A password is an instance of one thing . A secret is an instance of one thing you might have. A fingerprint could be an instance of one thing you’re. However as you may see, a key can also be very very like a password, besides it’s encoded by grinding a bit of steel.

For that reason, you shouldn’t ever submit an image of your home key on the web. That might be like posting an image of a bank card or a password – somebody might use the picture to duplicate the important thing.

It’s also doable to unlock or “decide” locks with no key. By sliding a skinny piece of steel into the cylinder and gently pushing the pins to the proper top one after the other, locks could be opened. Nevertheless, it takes a substantial amount of talent and observe to do that.

What does this train us about safety? First, we should make keys secret by making a really giant variety of doable keys, in order that the appropriate one is difficult to guess or construct. It’s the identical for passwords. Second, it’s vital to engineer a lock or pc program that requires each little bit of the important thing or password to be precisely right.

It’s vital to review the inside workings of locks and pc applications to know how their design would possibly enable somebody to interrupt them.

Written by Scott Craver, Affiliate Professor of Electrical and Laptop Engineering, Binghamton College, State College of New York.

This text was first revealed in The Dialog.The Conversation


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