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How Make Life In Little Alchemy

How do you make all the things in little alchemy?

Backyard:Mix plant with plant. Brick: Mix hearth with mud. Obsidian: Mix water with lava. Volcano: Mix lava with earth. Gunpowder: Mix mud with hearth. Steam: Mix vitality with water.

How do you make love in little alchemy?

human + human. arrow + cupid. Myths and Monsters. bow + cupid. Myths and Monsters. arrow + cupid. Myths and Monsters. bow + cupid. Myths and Monsters.

Are you able to make a evil in little alchemy?

You may simply create Evil in Little Alchemy 2 simply by downloading the Myths and Monsters Pack, which has 4 fundamental components, together with Evil too.

How do you make elixir of life in little alchemy?

Bottle + Thinker's stone. Immortality + Bottle. Immortality + Container. Immortality + Liquid.

How do you make God on little alchemy?

Mix earth + water. You'll create mud. Mix air + air. You'll create stress. Mix earth + stress. You'll create stone. Mix sand + mud. You'll create clay. Mix clay + life. You'll create human. Lastly, mix human + immortality to create a deity.

How do you make darkish in little alchemy?

Sky + Evening. Sky + Twilight.

How do you make a polar bear in little alchemy?

animal + ice. animal + arctic.

How do you make Corpse in little alchemy?

Human + Gun. Human + Grim reaper.

How do you make immortality in little alchemy?

Warrior + Immortality. Hero + Immortality.

How do you make Pandora's field in little alchemy?

Reward + Deity. Container + Good. Container + Evil. Field + Good. Field + Evil.

How do you make a paper on little alchemy?

stress + wooden. water + wooden. wooden + machine. wooden + blender.

What are you able to combine with Jedi in little alchemy?

Lightsaber + Human. Knight + Lightsaber.

How do you make Godzilla on little alchemy?

Mix dinosaur and metropolis to make Godzilla. Now that you’ve got a dinosaur and a metropolis, combining the 2 will create Godzilla.

How do you make Thinker's Stone in little alchemy?

Air + Air → Stress. Earth + Stress → Stone. Immortality + Stone → Thinker's stone.

How do you make a bottle in little alchemy?

milk + container. water + container. coconut milk + container. juice + container. oil + container. alcohol + container. wine + container. beer + container.

How do you make Zeus in little alchemy?

Deity + Sky. Deity + Mount olympus.

How do you make an enormous in little alchemy?

universe + philosophy. galaxy + philosophy. galaxy cluster + philosophy. photo voltaic system + philosophy. solar + philosophy. planet + philosophy.

How do you make a twilight in little alchemy?

day + evening. time + day.

How do you make a Titanic in little alchemy?

steamboat + iceberg. boat + iceberg. iceberg + legend. steamboat + legend.

How do you make immortality in Little Alchemy 2?

Immortality + Rock. Immortality + Stone. Immortality + Alchemist.


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