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Hubble focuses on massive lenticular galaxy 1023

Hubble Focuses on a Large Lenticular
Credit score: NASA, ESA, and G. Sivakoff (College of Alberta); Picture processing: G. Kober (NASA Goddard/Catholic College of America)

This new NASA Hubble Area Telescope picture appears to be like at one of many nearest, huge lenticular galaxies to Earth, NGC 1023 some 36 million light-years away. Lenticular galaxies get their names from their edge-on look that resembles a lens. They’re intermediate galaxies between ellipticals and spirals. Lenticular galaxies have a big central bulge and a flattened disk like spirals, however no spiral arms. Like ellipticals, lenticular galaxies haven’t got a lot gasoline and dirt, and now have primarily previous stars.

NGC 1023 isn’t alone on this picture. The fuzzy blue patch to the decrease left of the galaxy is NGC 1023a, an irregular satellite tv for pc galaxy of its massive lenticular neighbor. The galaxy pair was a part of a research that checked out a number of and star clusters in galaxies past our personal Milky Approach. The researchers discovered 81 long-lived open star clusters (loosely certain teams of some tens to a couple hundred stars) in NGC 1023’s disk in addition to 27 younger blue star clusters. Half of the younger blue are related to the satellite tv for pc galaxy, whereas the remainder are spatially related to the impartial hydrogen gasoline that surrounds the big lenticular galaxy.

The picture makes use of knowledge from Hubble’s Superior Digital camera for Surveys. Further gap-filling knowledge offered by the Pan-STARRS collaboration. The colour blue represents seen blue gentle whereas the colour orange represents close to .

Picture: Big elliptical galaxy UGC 10143

Hubble focuses on massive lenticular galaxy 1023 (2022, Might 20)
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