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I get e-mail (Phillip version)

In the event you expertise difficulties typing exclamation factors in a remark right here, it’s as a result of Phillip Jones has been hogging all of them. I simply found an enormous stagnant pool of missives from him deep within the bowels of my college e-mail account, which has plenty of filters on it to prioritize messages from college students and colleagues, so e-mail from exterior these teams are likely to languish in neglect there. He appears to go on a rage jag each few weeks and dump plenty of repetitive invective, with quite a few exclamation factors, usually together with hyperlinks to his personal posts on Twitter or Fb, as if they’re authoritative sources.

However currently he’s raging on Gettr, the right-wing pro-Trump Twitter look-alike, as a result of his Twitter account has been suspended. Poor man. A minimum of his emails are getting shorter. up/p1a8bdj013f up/p1a8cis02f9 I’m going to contact the police and ask them to arrest you! And I’m going to contact UNMM and ask the to fireplace you!

Now I need to ask my native police in the event that they’ve been contacted by a really emphatic kook — that was despatched final evening, so if the cops knock on my door and drag me away in handcuffs right this moment, you’ll know why.

He’s going to have a tricky time contacting my employer at UNMM, although. I don’t even know what that’s!


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