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Information Media Swallow 830 Million 12 months Outdated Life Declare – CEH

Could 18, 2022 | David F. Coppedge

The acute gullibility of scientists and reporters
shows their blind love for Darwin and deep time


The newest record-breaking declare for preserved life is so off the charts that even staunch evolutionary biologist calls it “outlandish” and “bombastic.” However the GSA (Geological Society of America) revealed it, so it should be true, proper? It handed peer evaluate. Isn’t that the gold normal for scientific credibility? You’ll be able to snort now – or later, after you learn the quote beneath.

Historic Microorganisms Present in Halite Could Have Implications for Seek for Life (GSA, 11 Could 2022).

Boulder, Colo., USA: Major fluid inclusions in bedded halite from the 830-million-year-old Browne Formation of central Australia include natural solids and liquids, as documented with transmitted mild and UV-vis petrography. These objects are constant in dimension, form, and fluorescent response to cells of prokaryotes and algae, and aggregates of natural compounds. This discovery reveals that microorganisms from saline depositional environments can stay properly preserved in halite over a whole lot of tens of millions of years and might be detected in situ with optical strategies alone. This research has implications for the seek for life in each terrestrial and extraterrestrial chemical sedimentary rocks.

The paper within the GSA’s prestigious journal Geology 6 Could 2022 is titled “830-million-year-old microorganisms in major fluid inclusions in halite” and is authored by Sara I. Schreder-Gomes, Kathleen C. Benison, Jeremiah A. Bernau.

These three declare that the spherical objects they checked out of their microscopes are cells, they usually would possibly nonetheless be alive! How do they know they’re 830 million years previous? As a result of they’re present in 830-million-year-old rocks. How do they know the rocks are that previous? As a result of that’s what the evolutionary timeline requires. Darwin, you see, wants plenty of time for fortunate accidents so as to add up and create brains from lifeless chemical compounds.

Dan Graur isn’t shopping for it. He tweeted a hyperlink to the same declare revealed in October 2000 by Nature that he says has been discredited: “Isolation of a 250 million-year-old halotolerant bacterium from a major salt crystal” by Vreeland, Rozenzweig and Powers. Suspecting one other pushback is required, he tweeted a urged title for it: “The Neoproterozoic Microbe That Isn’t.” If a dwelling bacterium from Permian rock is outlandish, how rather more one over thrice older?

Pre-Empting Objections

For sure, rational thinkers are going to surprise who something may stay alive for such an enormous period of time. Wouldn’t cells decay a very long time in the past? How may they survive trapped in salt? How may they keep on metabolism and hold their DNA repaired? The authors thought of these questions and tried to brush them away with transient ideas. The excessive perhapsimaybecouldness index of their Dialogue part is obvious, as is their reliance on the Vreeland paper that Graur says has been “discredited.”

Attainable survival of microorganisms over geologic time scales will not be absolutely understood. It has been urged that radiation would destroy natural matter over very long time intervals, but Nicastro et al. (2002) discovered that buried 250 Ma halite was uncovered to solely negligible quantities of radiation. Moreover, microorganisms might survive in fluid inclusions by metabolic modifications, together with hunger survival and cyst levels, and coexistence with natural compounds or useless cells that may function nutrient sources (e.g., McGenity et al., 2000; Schubert et al., 2009a, 2010; Stan-Lotter and Fendrihan, 2015). One such natural compound, glycerol, produced by the mobile breakdown of some algae, might present vitality for longevity of coexisting prokaryotes (Schubert et al., 2010; Lowenstein et al., 2011). Moreover, each non–spore-forming and spore-forming prokaryotes might have benefits for long-term survival in fluid inclusions. Non–spore-forming prokaryotes are regularly, however minimally, metabolically energetic, so they’re in a position to restore DNA ought to or not it’s essential (Johnson et al., 2007). Alternately, spores fashioned by prokaryotes might present one other manner of longterm survival in a dormant state (Vreeland et al., 2000; Lowenstein et al., 2011).

It might be this. It may very well be that. It has been urged.

And but even spores and cysts usually are not fully dormant. Cells have DNA topic to fixed radiation from beneath (e.g., soil radon) and above (e.g., cosmic rays). With out upkeep and restore mechanisms intact, a spore decays into mud.

If Graur doesn’t purchase this declare, ought to anybody? Graur insists that evolution is a reality and thinks that anybody who doesn’t imagine it’s ignorant and silly.

We observe in passing that Dan Graur was a main suspect within the junk DNA fable. He lambasted the ENCODE mission that discovered 80% of non-coding DNA was translated by cells, suggesting it had capabilities. So assured was Graur that evolution left junk DNA behind in its path, he dared to say, “If ENCODE is true, then evolution is incorrect.(Evolution Information, 9 July 2015).

As preposterous as this new declare is, it wasn’t too preposterous for Massive Science and Massive Media to swallow it entire. This was not like swallowing a goldfish; it was like swallowing a pufferfish. So as to add ridiculousness to the declare, the authors assume it’ll inform astrobiologists as they seek for life on Mars.

The outcomes of our research counsel the chance of comparable long-term preservation of biosignatures on Mars…. Mars as soon as contained saline lakes that precipitated chemical sediments, together with halite (e.g., Osterloo et al., 2008). Microorganisms which will have existed in floor brines on Mars within the historical previous could also be trapped as microfossils in chemical sedimentary rocks (Benison, 2019).

The same old suspects in Massive Science Media both repeated the declare uncritically or did not report it. Search on “halite micro organism” up to now month and hundreds of hits flip up. Write CEH should you discover any of them criticizing the paper as silly.

If creationists had been this gullible as to swallow a declare like 830-million-year-old micro organism dwelling in salt, the world would hear no finish of it. Pseudoscience! Idiocy! Gullibility to the nth diploma! However just like the double normal that protects Leftists within the media, Darwinists get a cross, whereas creationist claims are routinely ridiculed, persecuted and censored.

We don’t need to see Massive Science simply ignore this new declare or sweep it beneath the rug. We need to see them outraged at it, and take steps to make sure the three authors are totally refuted to the purpose of getting to retract the paper. And we need to see Massive Media disgrace them overtly. That’s how free speech works: don’t censor, however reply. That’s how science is meant to be a “self-correcting course of.”

However they gained’t do it. The Darwin Get together has already accepted as reality the declare that dinosaur gentle tissues, as much as an together with DNA, can final for 80 million years or extra. They already imagine that authentic, un-permineralized gentle tissue preservation is feasible all the best way again to the Cambrian explosion. They ignore the implications of carbon-14 in diamonds. Deep Time is sacred to them. Preserving it in opposition to all falsification is a part of their Regulation of the Misdeeds and Perversions that can not be altered. If Deep Time had been ever doubted, Humpty Darwin would come tumbling down.

Humpty Darwin sits on a wall of froth bricks held collectively by decayed mortar. Cartoon by Brett Miller commissioned for CEH. All rights reserved.


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