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Meet ‚Fiona‘ the pregnant ichthyosaur, Chile’s oldest marine reptile mother

Within the shadow of a large Patagonian glacier, paleontologists have unearthed a uncommon fossil discover: an historical marine reptile that died whereas pregnant. This dolphin-like creature, known as an ichthyosaur, is the primary of its sort to be found in Chile, the place it was retrieved from a dig web site close to the Tyndall Glacier within the Southern Patagonian Ice Discipline.

„This web site is admittedly distinctive, as a result of it’s capturing a time interval in Earth’s historical past the place we don’t have an excellent fossil document for marine reptiles,“ Erin Maxwell, an ichthyosaur specialist and curator of marine reptiles on the State Museum of Pure Historical past in Stuttgart, Germany who helped excavate the fossil, informed Reside Science.


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