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Might 2022 Complete Lunar Eclipse – JML Astrophotography

Click on on the picture for full measurement
Click on on the picture for full measurement

Throughout the night of Might fifteenth and into the early morning of Might sixteenth, 2022, a lot of the world was handled to a complete lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses, to not be confused with photo voltaic eclipses, happen when the Earth strains up between the Moon and the Solar, inflicting Earth’s shadow to run throughout the face of the Moon and, within the case of a complete lunar eclipse, utterly block direct daylight to the Moon. This implies the one gentle that may attain the Moon is daylight refracted by Earth’s ambiance. Rayleigh Scattering, the identical impact that causes pink sunsets and sunrises, is what makes this gentle reddish

Lunar eclipses are for much longer than photo voltaic eclipses as a result of the Earth’s shadow on the Moon is considerably bigger than the Moon’s shadow on Earth. Photo voltaic eclipses will final for just a few minutes at any given location and are solely viewable from a comparatively small a part of the planet, whereas lunar eclipses can final for as much as 2 hours and may be considered from wherever on the night time facet of the planet. Lunar eclipses can solely happen throughout a full moon when the Moon strains up with certainly one of two places in its orbit generally known as “lunar nodes”, factors the place the Earth and Moon will line up. These factors exist as a result of relative to the Earth’s orbit aircraft, the Moon’s orbit is barely tilted. They happen roughly twice per 12 months, throughout “eclipse seasons” that are about 6 months aside. For roughly 2-year durations, eclipses will happen in zodiac constellations which can be reverse one another. Then the eclipses will start to overlap into neighboring opposing constellations and repeat this course of, making their method by way of the zodiac. Lunar eclipses will at all times happen inside two weeks of a photo voltaic eclipse.

Telescope: Celestron 9.25 SCT

Mount: Orion Atlas II

Digital camera: Canon EOS Ra

Integration: Single photographs, 1/tenth second, and 1-second exposures respectively

Filter: Orion SkyGlow gentle air pollution discount

Software program: PixInsight

Acquisition: ZWO ASIAir Plus

Date Acquired: 5/15/22


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