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Mysterious nuclear transient AT2019pev inspected in X-rays

Mysterious nuclear transient AT2019pev inspected in X-rays
AT2019pev: The evolution of the 0.3−5 keV luminosity (high), the hardness ratio (higher center), the power-law index (center), the black-body temperature (decrease center) and the black-body radius (backside) with time. Credit score: Yu et al., 2022.

Astronomers from the Ohio State College (OSU) and elsewhere have carried out an in depth X-ray observational marketing campaign of a mysterious nuclear transient occasion often called AT2019pev. Outcomes of the examine, printed Might 10 on the arXiv pre-print server, provide extra clues into the character of this peculiar object.

Nuclear astrophysics is essential to understanding explosions, and particularly the synthesis of the chemical parts that developed after the Massive Bang. Due to this fact, investigating nuclear transient occasions may very well be important with the intention to advance our data on this discipline.

AT2019pev (different designations: ZTF19abvgxrq and Gaia19eby) is a nuclear transient first reported on September 1, 2019, by the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF). The host of this transient was discovered to be a narrow-line Kind I Seyfert galaxy at a redshift of 0.096. Subsequent observations of this transient revealed that it showcased options of tidal disruption occasions (TDEs) and energetic galactic nuclei (AGNs).

So as to unveil the true nature of AT2019pev, a group of led by OSU’s Zhefu Yu carried out complete X-ray observations. For this goal, they used NASA’s Swift and Chandra spacecraft, in addition to the Neutron star Inside Composition Explorer (NICER) onboard the Worldwide Area Station (ISS).

„Though Frederick et al (2021) classified it as an AGN related transient, they didn’t present an in depth evaluation of the obtainable Swift X-ray telescope (XRT) knowledge or different obtainable X-ray knowledge. Right here we current in depth X-ray observations by Swift, Chandra and NICER over 173 days from the first Swift XRT epoch to additional probe the character of AT2019pev,“ the researchers defined.

The observations discovered that the X-ray luminosity of AT2019pev will increase by an element of five in about 5 days from the first Swift epoch to the height. Afterward, it decays by an element of ten with steeper slopes in early epochs after which flattens with a weak re-brightening development after roughly 105 days.

Typically, the X-ray spectra present a „harder-when-brighter“ development earlier than peak and a „harder-when-fainter“ development after peak, which appears to recommend a transition of accretion states. By additionally analyzing the information from ESA’s Gaia satellite tv for pc, they discovered that the optical gentle curve rises towards an equally shiny or brighter peak 223 days after the optical discovery and fades when the supply is observable once more.

All in all, by combining X-ray and multi-wavelength properties of AT2019pev, the astronomers concluded that this transient extra carefully resembles an energetic galactic nucleus. They added that evolution of the temporal power-law index of AT2019pev is extra in line with AGNs than TDEs. Furthermore, the re-brightening within the UV/optical bands of AT2019pev is pure for AGNs with stochastic variability, though the amplitude is uncommon for such sources.

New transient ultraluminous X-ray supply detected within the galaxy NGC 7090

Extra info:
Zhefu Yu et al, An X-ray View of the Ambiguous Nuclear Transient AT2019pev. arXiv:2205.05097v1 [astro-ph.HE], arxiv.org/abs/2205.05097

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