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Penultimate sundown at Concordia analysis station

Image: Penultimate sunset at Concordia research station
Credit score: ESA/IPEV/PNRA-H. Hagson

The penultimate sundown at Concordia analysis station in Antarctica marks the start of a really thrilling time for the 12-member crew: the approaching of Antarctic evening and the winter-over.

Medical physician Hannes Hagson and his crew mates are lastly embarking on their „actual“ mission in Antarctica: dwelling and work in isolation for six months within the title of spaceflight analysis.

The Italian-French outpost Concordia is positioned 3,233 m above sea degree the place temperatures can drop to –80°C within the full frozen darkness outdoors. The solar disappears behind the horizon for 4 months. No provides or individuals could be flown in in the course of the winter months; and the causes the crew to expertise continual hypobaric hypoxia or lack of oxygen within the mind.

These circumstances are as near dwelling on one other planet as people can get on Earth.

For that reason, Hannes is facilitating biomedical experiments on himself and his crewmates to know how people address dwelling in excessive isolation. From to intestine well being measurements to conscious practices, the crew are poked and prodded to assist researchers perceive and overcome the challenges , like area, pose to current and future explorers.

This picture was taken by Hannes on Might 3rd. The final full sundown came about the day after however appeared solely as a skinny sliver within the sky.

Picture: Storage containers at Concordia analysis station

Picture: Penultimate sundown at Concordia analysis station (2022, Might 13)
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