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Prehuman Ancestors Are Fiction – CEH

Extra issues within the many makes an attempt to show human evolution:
A transparent hole is proven between claimed prehumans and genus Homo

by Jerry Bergman, PhD

The 1925 Scopes Trial mirrored the boldness that human evolution was confirmed past a doubt. The proof was primarily based on skeletal fragments of Piltdown Man, Java Man, and Neanderthals. All three examples have now been disproved.

We now have dozens of candidate skulls, however the proof immediately just isn’t significantly better.[4] Importantly, the proof consists virtually completely of bone fragments: typically elements of the cranium, a number of enamel, and some different small items of bone. One of the crucial full fossils is Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis) made well-known by Donald Johanson. By weight, although, solely 20 % of the skeleton was discovered. One other necessary reality is that bone mass in your entire human skeleton makes up lower than 15 % of the entire physique weight. Thus, the proof used to find out the main points of Lucy was solely 3 % (20% x 15%) of the entire mass of her physique (assuming ‘she’ was a feminine, however the slender pelvis argues in any other case).

Searching for the human within the bones

The evolutionary paleoanthropologist wants to find out, “The place in our ancestry does the ‘human’ a part of ‘human evolution’ start?” In different phrases, how far again in time should should we journey for a proposed ancestor to be thought-about non-human, and as a substitute be describable as an ape strolling on two legs? What’s wanted to qualify an animal as ‘human’?

Bone fragments aren’t going to inform us a lot. Some odd-looking people we know have been totally human (as a result of they lived within the not too distant previous, and we’ve documentation from others that knew them to be totally human). But when all one noticed have been the bones, their humanness can be questionable. One of the crucial well-known and well-documented examples is Julia Pastrana (1834-1860).


Determine 2. Julia Pastrana. As a younger grownup, she made a dwelling as a dancer and performer. From Wiki Commons.

Julia Pastrana was a really clever multi-lingual lady who was a voracious reader and really proficient in a number of areas of the humanities. One physician, Alexander B. Mott, M.D., claimed with pomp and certainty that she was the results of the mating of a human and an “Orang hutan”[5]. Certainly, if the one bone obtainable for research was the cranium, paleoanthropologists would have seemingly have introduced her to be a lacking hyperlink. We all know past a doubt, although, that she was totally human primarily based on the testimony of those that knew and labored together with her.

In his dialogue of Julia, Darwin repeated some incorrect claims about this so-called “ape lady.” Some Darwinists portrayed her as proof of a dwelling ape-to-human transitional kind and exploited her as a circus freak.

Determine 3. A deformed cranium which illustrates the issue of human identification.

The place Is the Continuum?

Attempting to evaluate humanness from bone fragments is fraught with error. One instance is “the oldest fossil that has been included within the genus Homo is 2.8 million years outdated from Ledi-Geraru in Ethiopia… However plenty of individuals disagree totally with that evaluation.”The disagreement is comprehensible, partly as a result of the one proof we’ve of her is half of a mandible! Belinda Smith in ABC Information (Australia) asserts a typical evolutionary perception that

The seemingly “first human” … was Homo erectus. These quick, stocky people have been an actual stayer in human evolutionary historical past….. Estimates fluctuate, however they’re thought to have lived from round 2 million to 100,000 years in the past, and have been the primary people to stroll out of Africa and push into Europe and Asia…. Fossilized stays from across the time and earlier are extremely uncommon, and what’s unearthed tends to be in bits.[6]

Determine 3. A deformed cranium which illustrates the issue of human identification.

Readers ought to be conscious that a big hole exists between the entire different fossil pre-humans and the primary human Homo erectus. The primary Homo erectus evidently occupied caves, “used fires, and have become extra succesful at acquiring meat. Through the use of their intelligence and accrued information, they remained basically tropical.”[7] These are uniquely human traits. The Information and Particulars web site in 2018 introduced proof that Homo erectus used “summary pondering and human language,” though different scientists

debate whether or not 400,000-year-old hominins have been able to symbolic pondering, typically thought to be the hallmark of language. If Mania’s conjectures are appropriate, then historic hominins may have been far more superior than beforehand thought. In Zambia, scientists discovered what they stated have been 350,000-year-old ocher crayons. If these crayons had in actual fact been used to make drawings or markings they might be thought to be the oldest recognized try to color, [this] means that early man tried [to] create artwork a lot sooner than individuals thought…. Homo erectus had appreciable handbook dexterity and probably larger cognitive skills, and raises the prospect that they could have been extra “human” than beforehand thought.[8]

Different findings cited by this text help the case that Homo erectus produced artwork and lived in homes manufactured from animals skins stretched over a body. Homo erectus additionally constructed 50-foot-long department huts with stone slabs or animal skins for flooring.[9]


Though, as famous, judgments are tough to make primarily based on fossil proof alone, it seems from the present analysis on fossils and different artifacts that an infinite hole exists between Homo erectus and all alleged ‘pre-human’ ancestors. Taken as an entire, the proof signifies an unbridgeable hole between man and the evolutionists’ putative ape ancestors.

Determine 4. The guide Apes as Ancestors (2020) included a number of thousand references to the peer-reviewed paleontological literature documenting that no clear bodily proof exists that people developed from some ape-like ancestor.

My guide Apes as Ancestors (2020), co-authored by Jeffrey Tomkins, Peter Line and Daniel Biddle, examines intimately all of the fossils and analysis used to inform the evolutionary story that people developed from apes. Our guide offers quite a few sources from peer-reviewed literature disproving the evolutionary story.[10]


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Dr. Jerry Bergman has taught biology, genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, anthropology, geology, and microbiology for over 40 years at a number of schools and universities together with Bowling Inexperienced State College, Medical School of Ohio the place he was a analysis affiliate in experimental pathology, and The College of Toledo. He’s a graduate of the Medical School of Ohio, Wayne State College in Detroit, the College of Toledo, and Bowling Inexperienced State College. He has over 1,300 publications in 12 languages and 40 books and monographs. His books and textbooks that embrace chapters that he authored are in over 1,500 faculty libraries in 27 international locations. To date over 80,000 copies of the 40 books and monographs that he has authored or co-authored are in print. For extra articles by Dr Bergman, see his Creator Profile.

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