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Rafting Termites and Different Dogmas of Ignorance – CEH

Might 24, 2022 | David F. Coppedge

‘They’re not primitive; we don’t know the way they unfold
around the globe, however one factor we all know: they advanced.’


Wooden termites. Owners hate them, and termite inspectors make a residing discovering them and killing them. They belong to the household Kalotermitidae, second largest group of termites. In their very own ingredient, although, they’re exceptional creatures, making colonies and exhibiting advanced social behaviors with teamwork. Evolutionists say they advanced from cockroaches in South America round 100 million Darwin Years in the past, give or take just a few ten million. However drywood termites are landlubbers, and that creates an issue: how did they arrive to inhabit many of the world?

A household of termites has been traversing the world’s oceans for hundreds of thousands of years (Okinawa Institute of Science and Know-how, 23 Might 2022).

The brand new reply is: they rafted. In any case, wooden floats, doesn’t it? However did the termite sailors eat their boats and drown on the best way? It’s going to take some creativeness to determine this out. However first, let the info make the issue even worse for the evolutionary state of affairs.

By evaluating the genetic sequences from the totally different species, the researchers constructed an intensive household tree of the drywood termites.

They discovered that drywood termites have made extra oceanic voyages than another household of termites. They’ve crossed oceans at the very least 40 occasions up to now 50 million years, travelling so far as South America to Africa, which, over a timescale of hundreds of thousands of years, resulted within the diversification of recent drywood termite species within the newly colonized locations.

Now they must broaden the rafting story to 40 occasions. However they yawn; just a few reckless drafts on the financial institution of time provides them 50 million years for the inconceivable to occur.

Their conclusion of evolution assumes evolution. The examine authors in contrast genes below the idea that every one of them advanced over time from a typical ancestor. Sadly, numerous the genomes studied are nonmonophyletic—they don’t match the idea of 1 frequent ancestor. However below the evolutionary assumption, the primary wooden termites will need to have been nincompoops that bought higher over time. Does the proof present this?

Moreover, this examine has solid doubt on the frequent assumption that drywood termites have a primitive way of life. Among the many oldest lineages within the household, there are termite species that do not need a primitive way of life. In actual fact, they can type massive colonies throughout a number of items of wooden which are linked by tunnels underground.

The press launch factors out that termites can hitchhike on human ships at this time, however that’s a distraction, since people have solely been crusing on wood ships throughout continents for just a few centuries (“In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” an previous elementary mnemonic quips). If termites have been intercontinental sailors at the very least 40 occasions in 50 million years, people weren’t round to function a ferry service most of that point. Do the evolutionists know something about their story?

This examine solely goes to spotlight how little we learn about termites, the variety of their life, and the size of their social lives,” acknowledged Prof. Tom Bourguignon, Principal Investigator of OIST’s Evolutionary Genomics Unit and senior writer of the examine. “As extra data is gathered about their habits and ecology, we’ll be capable of use this household tree to seek out out extra concerning the evolution of sociality in bugs and the way termites have been so profitable.”

Now we get it. The genetic tree-building venture was for manufacturing futureware: a gimmick to present evolutionary biologists job safety as storytellers (25 June 2014).

The paper says the identical factor however solely in fancier jargon.

Aleš Buček et al, Molecular Phylogeny Reveals the Previous Transoceanic Voyages of Drywood Termites (Isoptera, Kalotermitidae). Molecular Biology and Evolution (open entry, 3 Might 2022), Vol. 39, No. 5,

 Subsequently, each vicariance and dispersal processes could have contributed to the geographical distribution and evolution of extant Kalotermitidae…. The Kalotermitidae are additionally capable of produce secondary reproductives, rising the possibility of small colony fragments rafting throughout oceans in wooden items to breed upon arrival to their new vacation spot. These traits additionally predispose some species of Kalotermitidae to develop into invasive, spreading with the assistance of anthropogenic world materials transport.

I.e., on ships. However lengthy earlier than, in 14.92 million years in the past, Christopher Termitus sailed the ocean blue, shouting “Land ho!” as his crew approached Portugal. This requires a cartoon collection to match the opposite crusing episodes, like How the Monkeys Rafted to the New World (“Monkey Sea, Monkey Raft,” 27 April 2022; “Empirical Check of the Rafting Speculation,” 8 Oct 2017; and “Unbelievable Rafting Is Central to Darwinism” 7 Might 2021).



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