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Stem cells levitated by sound might kind easy miniature organs

When researchers used sound to levitate stem cells, they discovered that the cells shaped into spheres. The strategy could possibly be used for rising tissues for transplants


19 Might 2022

Stem cells

Levitating stem cells kind blobs

Nathan Jeger-Madiot et al.

Stem cells levitated with sound can spontaneously kind spherical blobs. The method could possibly be used to develop tissues or easy miniature organs with out researchers having to bodily manipulate cells and doubtlessly disrupt them within the course of.

Engineering or creating tissues for therapeutic use, like items of cartilage for knee restore, is difficult. The chemical compounds and forces used to coax cells into the specified form can impair their perform as soon as implanted. Mauricio Hoyos on the French Nationwide Centre for Scientific Analysis (CNRS) and his colleagues found …


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