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The 8 Worst Apocalypse Bunkers in Science Fiction

Fallout 4 – Announcement Trailer

The long-running Fallout online game collection takes place in an alternate historical past the place American scientists discovered how you can reliably use nuclear vitality after World Struggle II, resulting in many years of social and financial prosperity wrapped up in a shiny retrofuturistic aesthetic. Over time, this way of life got here to an finish as assets grew to become scarce, culminating in 2077 with “The Nice Struggle,” which led to a worldwide nuclear holocaust. Vault-Tec, an organization specializing in fallout shelters, anticipated this battle and constructed dozens of fallout shelters throughout the USA known as “vaults.” Civilians may buy area in these bunkers, which have been secretly designed to function testing amenities for numerous sociological experiments. For instance, in Fallout 4 (the latest foremost collection recreation), Vault 111 was used to check the consequences of cryogenics, Vault 75 skilled baby troopers after employees murdered their dad and mom, Vault 81 uncovered its residents to varied sicknesses to design a cure-all medication, and so forth. Watch out the place you search shelter, even when the surface appears worse.


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