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This is why pipe organs appear to violate a rule of sound

A speck of gold dancing to a pipe organ’s tune has helped resolve a long-standing thriller: why sure wind devices violate a mathematical formulation that ought to describe their sound.

In 1860, physicist Hermann von Helmholtz — well-known for his regulation of the conservation of power — devised an equation relating the wavelength of a pipe’s basic tone (the bottom frequency at which it resonates) to pipe size (SN: 3/31/28). Typically, the longer a pipe is, the decrease its basic tone will likely be.

However the equation doesn’t work in apply. A pipe’s basic tone all the time sounds decrease than the pipe’s size suggests it ought to in line with Helmholtz’s formulation. Fixing this downside requires including an “finish correction” to the equation. Within the case of open-ended pipes akin to flutes and people of organs, the top correction is 0.6 instances the radius of the pipe. Why this was, no one might work out.

A break within the case got here in 2010. Instrument builder and restorer Bernhardt Edskes of Wohlen, Switzerland was tuning an organ when he noticed a chunk of gold that had come unfastened from a pipe’s gilded lip. Air pumping by the pipe ought to have carried away the gold. As a substitute, it appeared to be trapped in a vortex simply above the pipe’s higher rim.

Edskes instructed his buddy, physicist Leo van Hemmen of the Technical College of Munich, in regards to the commentary. Along with colleagues from Munich and Wageningen College within the Netherlands, they studied how air strikes by taking part in organ pipes utilizing cigarette smoke.

When an organ pipe sounds, a vortex certainly varieties over the pipe’s rim, the workforce reported March 14 in Chicago at a gathering of the American Bodily Society. What’s extra, this vortex is capped by a hemisphere of resonating air.

image of a hemisphere of vibrating air forming above a playing organ pipe
An experiment utilizing cigarette smoke revealed {that a} hemisphere of vibrating air varieties above a taking part in organ pipe (proven). That cap of air successfully lengthens the pipe, decreasing the pipe’s basic tone, physicists say.
© B.H. Edskes et al

This vibrating air cap, van Hemmen says, is the long-sought rationalization for the “finish correction.” The cap successfully lengthens the organ pipe by the precise quantity that should be tacked on to Helmholtz’s formulation to clarify the pipe’s basic tone.


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