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Tiny Möbius strip normal from carbon nanotube constructing blocks

We have now at all times been capable of make Möbius strips out of paper, however now it’s potential to make tiny variations of those uncommon geometric objects utilizing the molecular constructing blocks of a carbon nanotube


19 Might 2022

Tiny Mobius strip

Simulated photos of the carbon nanotube Möbius strips

Segawa et al.

A brief part of carbon nanotube constructed from scratch types a tiny Möbius strip – a one-sided floor that outcomes from a band with a twist in it.

You’d think about you can simply salami slice a carbon nanotube to get a band. However the tubes are troublesome to control as a result of they’re so small. They will’t be lower into cylindrical bands – which chemists name carbon nanobelts – as a tube of paper is perhaps because of the highly effective intramolecular forces at nanometre scales.

There’s, nevertheless, one option to make a carbon nanobelt. In 2017, Yasutomo Segawa on the Institute for Molecular Science in Okazaki, Japan, and his colleagues confirmed they might be assembled piece-by-piece from a group of smaller molecular models by a collection of chemical reactions.

Now, Segawa and his workforce have gone one step additional and created a Möbius strip-shaped carbon nanobelt. To construct it, they modified the chemical course of for constructing their carbon nanobelts – as an alternative of utilizing a good variety of repeat models to type the belt, they used an odd quantity.

“The last word purpose of natural chemistry is to create all potential molecular constructions,” says Segawa. “Our achievement is one nice step towards that function.”

After that they had carried out the modified chemical reactions, Segawa and his workforce confirmed the ensuing construction actually was a Möbius strip utilizing high-resolution spectroscopy.

Whereas a direct use for the carbon Möbius strip may not be obvious, the finesse required to create it might lend itself to different challenges in nanoengineering and chemistry, says Nicole Grobert on the College of Oxford.

“The exact utility for this Möbius band might not be an apparent one, even for the researchers who’ve researched it, but when they’ll prolong their magic chemistry to bigger methods and obtain final management of bigger carbon methods, then you can begin to consider upscaling and scaling to moist chemistry methods,” says Grobert.

Journal reference: Nature Synthesis, DOI: 10.1038/s44160-022-00075-8

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