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Two’s not the attraction… | The Authorized Genealogist

About that “closest” match…

It was certainly one of The Authorized Genealogist‘s targets for 2022: to determine the closest as-yet-unidentified autosomal DNA match at every of the key testing firms.

Fixing the primary one, at MyHeritage DNA, was straightforward, because of some very massive hints (like a full actual identify for the tester). He turned out, as I anticipated, to be a 3rd cousin, descended from Gustavus Boone and Isabella Rankin (Gentry) Robertson — not shocking, since these Robertson second nice grandparents had 11 youngsters, and so they have left a very prodigious variety of descendants.

The following one — at Ancestry DNA — is “match EL, a predicted 2nd – third cousin with whom I share 125 cM … (and clues that) counsel this could possibly be one other Robertson cousin…”

And, oh boy, is that this one not going to be the attraction…

There are some tantalizing clues right here:

• The match dimension of 125cM offers me odds of roughly 75% that this can be a third cousin or nearer, in line with DNA Painter’s Shared cM Undertaking instrument, and 96% that this can be a third cousin or nearer utilizing Ancestry’s personal information.

• The longest section is 36cM — a wholesome dimension for a 3rd cousin or nearer.

• The highest shared matches between me and EL are all Robertson matches and characterize most, if not all, of the youngsters of Gustavus and Isabella.

• The household areas of oldsters in EL’s timber embody areas the place the Robertsons lived in Texas and at occasions overlapping the Robertsons’ time frames.

However then there are some problems:

• EL makes use of a username that not solely isn’t associated to any actual identify, it’s additionally not one which seems to have been used elsewhere on-line.

• None of EL’s Ancestry timber is linked to EL’s DNA take a look at, so there’s no technique to know for certain if the tester really represents any of the traces proven within the timber.

• Not one of the on-line timber reveals a hyperlink to any of the Robertson facet of my household.

• EL hasn’t responded to messaging on the Ancestry system.

So… I enter my information into the WATO instrument at DNA Painter to see what relationship is more than likely for numerous ranges of descendants from Gustavus and Isabella, and it tells me my more than likely relationship is second cousin as soon as eliminated (2C1R), with EL being certainly one of Gustavus and Isabella’s nice grandchildren.

However then it happens me that I’m a lot much less of the information than I must be. I’ve entry to different exams and might see how a lot shared DNA these different kits have with EL. And that’s the place the massive glitch reveals up. As a result of the outcomes are everywhere in the map. In my era, the shared DNA ranges from my excessive of 125cM to a low of 41cM. And a era earlier? My aunt shares solely 5cM greater than I do with EL: 130cM. And my maternal uncle shares lower than I do: 108cM.

Now what does the WATO instrument say? It tells me the strongest case is for EL to be the second nice grandchild of Gustavus and Isabella — so a 3d cousin to me and a 2C1R to my aunt and uncle. Or — with precisely the identical probability, after all — EL could possibly be a 3d cousin to me and a 2C1R to my aunt and uncle if EL is the grandchild of any sibling of both Gustavus or Isabella. And although it is probably not terribly possible {that a} dwelling tester right now could be a sibling’s grandchild due to the time frames concerned, the potential of long-tailed generations means I can’t rule it out fully.

And, after all, it additionally tells me that it’s nonetheless completely doable for this to be a second cousin to my aunt and uncle and a 2C1R to me and people in my era, as a terrific grandchild of any sibling of both Gustavus or Isabella. I do in reality have a recognized 2C1R in precisely that line of descent — he’s youthful than I’m, born when his father was 51 years previous. That father, in flip, was born when his personal father was 58 years previous.


This one’s gonna take some work.

Two is unquestionably not the attraction.

Cite/hyperlink to this submit: Judy G. Russell, “Two’s not the attraction…,” The Authorized Genealogist ( : posted 15 Could 2022).


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