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Uranus on the centre of Taurus – TPS – English

As we speak we have fun the heliocentric Alignment of the celestial Uranus,
the Initiator to the Mysteries,
Lord of Order and “He who makes all issues new”,
on the centre of Taurus [1]

Uranus, the occult thoughts, initiates to the World of Concepts
and awakens the Mysteries within the depth of consciousness.

The photo voltaic Initiator connects the Most Excessive and the Abyssal:
on the centre of Taurus,
from the Coronary heart of the Fourth human Hierarchy
asserts the restoration
of the Order of the Seven Rays on Earth,
the septenary Canon builder of actual Magnificence.

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“The conclusion of Magnificence will save the world”


It’s the Competition of the Hierarchy of Gentle.

Allow us to assert:

From chaos to Magnificence: all is mild!


A supply of Gentle gushes from the guts of Taurus,
fiery zodiacal gem.
On the centre of its vitality discipline a luminous river
flows incessantly and drags alongside,
with the ability of the “divine incentive”,
the everlasting longing of the various for the One.
The photo voltaic Fireplace that fearlessly burns in secret
is accompanied by the artistic considered Gentle
that by designing bridges of magnificence leads past the darkness of matter.
“… thought is the Raja of all that exists.
Magnificence is born by way of the lightning of thought”
(Agni Yoga § 28)


Uranus, the photo voltaic Grasp of Ceremonies,
strides majestically into the substance of Taurus.
His rhythmic and solemn steps have dwelt on this Centre of pleasure,
within the photo voltaic Temple of which He celebrates,
in a triumph of accelerating concord, the neighborhood liturgy.
With His contact of fireplace He asserts the sacred work of the photo voltaic Builders
and as His gaze aligns with the Center Method,
the splendour of the hearth of Reality grows in energy.
“An important Oneness reigns in Cosmos as a strong regulation.
Solely those that adhere to this regulation
can verily participate in cosmic cooperation”

(Infinity II § 48)


This assembly of fires electrifies the substance.
Every coronary heart opens to the cosmic imaginative and prescient,
every eye opens vast to the radiance of the distant Worlds.
The Gentle of Taurus reveals the photo voltaic Will and the flame of Uranus ignites
and strengthens the desire to be one with the Entire.
Most excessive and abyssal unite, Spirit and Substance merge,
Gentle and Fireplace testify to the blazing of the photo voltaic Christ.
“Transformation of the spirit is affirmed by the striving of transmutation
and by the unification of the desire with the Gentle.
On the trail to the Fiery World allow us to try
for the linking of our will with the Greater Gentle”
(Fiery World III § 244)


The Method is printed. The Fireplace is lit.
The golden stone of the Temple is solid.
The Gentle breaks out.
In that vibrant and solemn second when Warriors and Builders unite
the imaginative and prescient of the Plan turns into clear and pervades all consciousnesses.
And there’s nothing that doesn’t reveal itself
to the loving eye of those that ponder the Heavens.
“Allow us to be like arrows striving heavenward from a fiery bowstring”
(Fiery World I § 507)


From chaos to Magnificence: all is mild!

[1] At a heliocentric degree this happens each 84 years (cyclical Quantity, sacred to the Uranus-Earth Ratio: 7×12), so the final time it occurred was August 29, 1938, one other very essential interval for humanity (geocentrically, it has been and will likely be Might 9, 2022, January 10 and February 5, 2023). See the articles concerning the earlier solstice and equinox, and particularly the textual content The Seven steps in direction of 2025: Uranus impresses the vitality of every Signal for Seven years (7×12) and now, since His heliocentric entry into Taurus in September 2018, He’s midway by way of the work that leads us to the initiatory Summit of 2025.
Taurus – Scorpio is the zodiacal equator: pure 
4th Ray; Taurus is the Eye of Revelation, and guidelines the New Group of world servers, the planetary Ajna Centre (the Head Centre Shamballa is dominated by Aries, the Coronary heart Centre – the Hierarchy – by Aquarius and the Throat Centre – Humanity – by Pisces).



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