Why Was I Abandoned On That Mountain

Can brasidas be saved?

Lots of gamers have actually asked can you conserve Brasidas in AC Odyssey. Conserving Brasidas in air conditioning Odyssey is actually an impossibility, the fatality of the character has actually already been set in the video game and no choice can impact this outcome. Brasidas is a historically accurate figure that fought in the Peloponnesian Battle.

What happens if you leave Deimos under the tree?

When you defeat him, a cutscene awaits you and also Deimos will be squashed by a tree. At this moment you can respond appropriately – picking the first alternative will certainly increase the aversion as well as range between you, and the 2nd option will certainly show that you have warm sensations to Deimos.

Where did Kassandra get thrown off?

Kassandra tried to conserve her sibling as well as accidentally pushed both the clergyman as well as Alexios off the cliff to their evident deaths and was punished to death for murder. Nikolaos ended up triggering her to fall from the top of Mount Taygetos.

Do I save Deimos?

In Phase 6: Catching Up, inform Myrinne you will certainly conserve Deimos from the cult. In Ashes to Ashes, save the child. In Chapter 7: Repaint it Red, respect Nikolaos as well as tell him to help Stentor.

How did Kassandra survive the fall?

Kassandra apparently went down to her fatality Nikolaos, being adherent to Spartan regulation, reluctantly complied and also held Kassandra by her hand as well as dropped her down the mountain in spite of pleas from Myrrine. Nevertheless, Kassandra made it through the autumn as well as escaped to the beach with the spear.

Where is the demigods helmet?

AC Odyssey Demigod Safety helmet can just be unlocked by very first beating all the cultists and their leader in the game. While fighting the leader, the players will certainly obtain an option to either eliminate them or ask them to leave, in either case, they will receive the AC Odyssey Demigod Safety helmet after beating the Cultist Leader.

Where is Mount Taygetos located?

The Taygetus, Taugetus, Taygetos or Taÿgetus (Greek: Ταΰγετος, romanized: Taygetos) is a range of mountains on the Peloponnese peninsula in Southern Greece. The greatest hill of the variety is Mount Taygetus, also called „Profitis Ilias“, or „Prophet Elias“ (Elijah).

How can I prove my Spartan king?

Confirm the kill, and the following leg of the goal should start. Needs to the gamer be ousted, return to the throne area as well as challenge the other Spartan king, Archidamos. Eliminating him will certainly supply undeniable proof that he is a cultist that will certainly be utilized in the conversation.

How do you get the Spartan war hero belt?

Just how to Get: Spartan War Hero Belt. Spartan War Hero Belt can be acquired by removing Lagos, The Archon during the Main Pursuit „To Eliminate or Not to Kill“ in Episode 7 in Arkadia.

What happened to Markos AC Odyssey?

At some time after Kassandra’s separation from Kephallonia, Markos himself left the island too, travelling to the island of Kos, establishing a red wine company once again. There, he entered into difficulty once again, this moment managing triplets recognized as the Cerberus.

Where is Markos after you leave Kefalonia?

You’ve possibly been questioning where Markos has been because the start of the game? Well he’s relocated to the Highlands of Asklepiades in Kos, though he’s discovered himself in a little bit of a pickle with some locals relating to wineries.

Which horse is better in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Regarding we can inform, Markos‘ descriptions are just for shade and also grow– the horses are functionally similar. Because of this, we advise you select the equine that you like the shade of ideal. Whatever you select, your equine will certainly always be named Phobos, as well as you’ll be able to conveniently transform the shade of the steed in the future.

Can you switch from Alexios to Kassandra?

New Video game+ is coming to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey later this month, as well as Ubisoft has actually validated that gamers can choose between Alexios and Kassandra. They aren’t restricted to the personality they selected when they first played.

Can you recruit Stentor?

If saved, Stentor will be exiled as well as become a mercenary birthing the epithet „The Fallen“, searching Kassandra till slain or hired. If recruited in this manner Stentor will be verbally aggressive while functioning as a Lieutenant aboard the Adrestia.

Who is Nikolaos Assassin’s Creed?

Nikolaos of Sparta, likewise known as the Wolf of Sparta, was a Spartan general who lived during the fifth century BCE. With Myrrine, the little girl of King Leonidas, he was the papa of Alexios as well as step-father of Kassandra. He was likewise the adoptive dad of Stentor.

Is ISU a Pythagoras?

After finishing the series it’s revealed that Pythagoras has isu blood. And according to Spartan tale Leonidas was an offspring of Heracles, implying Kassandra is an offspring of Zeus/Jupiter on her mommy’s side.

Can you save Deimos if you killed Nikolaos?

Spare Nikolaos, keep Myrrine active, and also bring Deimos back from the Cult of Kosmos. The misthios, Myrrine, Stentor, and also Nikolaos live: do not conserve Deimos from the Cult of Kosmos, as well as rather kill them.

Why was Kassandra thrown off the mountain?

While trying to conserve her bro from being gone down from the hill, Kassandra assaulted the clergyman holding Alexios, as well as both the clergyman as well as Alexios ended up falling off the hill. As punishment for her criminal activity, Nikolaos was forced to throw Kassandra off the mountain as well, and also both brother or sisters were assumed dead.

Can Kassandra get pregnant?

Currently, this might all seem a bit strange, and that’s since it is. As well as this is where the controversy comes in. It conspires that in the 2nd episode of the Tradition of the Blade DLC, Shadow Heritage, Alexios/ Kassandra develop an enchanting partnership with Darius‘ child and also wind up having a youngster.

Is Pythagoras Kassandra’s father?

Kassandra trips with the Greek world, extirpating the Cult’s influence from Sparta as well as Athens as well as befriending prominent Greek figures such as Perikles and Aspasia. She is not able to avoid Perikles‘ murder by Alexios, however rejoins with Myrrine and also locates her true father, Pythagoras.

What is the full demigod set?

Shield Establish One-of-a-kind Benefit The Demigod Establish gives a 10% Damages increase to all abilities, making it efficient as a well-rounded shield collection, no issue the Capability tree.

Who is the head cultist in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Cultist Leader (Ghost of Kosmos): The Cultist Leader in the Middle of the Ring is none besides Aspasia that you have actually satisfied on multiple celebrations throughout the story. After killing ALL other 41 cultists (not just her inner circle) you can track her and play her quest.

Where is the Obsidian Island cultist?

The cultist for the Obsidian Islands is called Sokos as well as gamers will certainly first find out of him after eliminating Asterion. In order to track him down, gamers will certainly require to eliminate the island’s leader and also launch the conquest fight. Throughout the occurring marine altercation, Sokos will certainly show up as well as the gamer will certainly be able to combat him.

Where is the taygetos overlook?

The Taygetos Overlook was a rough outcrop in the Woodland of Eurotas in Lakonia, Greece. Discovered in the western part of the region, it became part of Mount Taygetos as well as supplied a good view of the valley and quarry listed below.

How do I get out of Kephallonia?

At first, the main protagonist can not leave Kephallonia Islands since he/she does not have a ship. You can alter this circumstance by finishing The Luck major quest, for which you obtain your very own ship. From this moment forth, you can take a trip to different areas.